Monday, August 31, 2009

Is this the best thing in life?

The weather this week is being called brisk and autumnal by our NYC-based weather people, which causes me to scratch my head in mild annoyance. Autumnal? Since when is 76 degrees brisk? I suppose climate change has influenced this generation of weather bunnies to believe that dry in the mid-seventies is the new 52 degrees.

Anyway, despite this bizarre interpretation, the current mild, warm weather is the perfect temperature for getting out onto a backyard patio, a roof, or sidewalk cafe in the evening and enjoying a beer or tea or dinner with friends. It's the temperature of summers when I was a youngster, and it probably won't be with us for more than a minute, or at the most a week or two.

This is it, my favorite time of year, late summer - September. You can breathe again and the smells that plague the city during high summer seem to blow away with the evening breezes.

I've realized how undemanding I am. Sitting outside and enjoying a meal or drink with friends and family in the late summer; that may be the best thing in life.

Friday, August 28, 2009

The problem with blogging is that I view it as a chore. One more thing to do that takes up what little time I have between work and home. blogging has to fit into that gray area where I take care of personal business like reading and working on various projects, time is at a premium.

So, I promise to keep these shorter from now on. They have been essays, which I'm far more comfortable writing than short bytes, but if I don't have time to write an essay, I can't believe that anyone bothering to drill down here to luddite-land (where we prefer to do things the hard way, gull dang it!) has much time to read 900-word essays. So, in the spirit of curtailment...

I've just returned from the UK with my wife and our two daughters. Forget staycations: I feel like my kids need the perspective that travel provides if their world view is to be somewhat expansive. I also need to have the excitement and refreshment that being on the road can bring. I view taking trips at least once a year as essential, not as a luxury, even if I have to incur a little debt to do it.

I wonder, does anyone else feel this way? Or, are you being fiscally wise and staying home?