Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Not posting

It's wonderful to not have posted here in awhile. I haven't missed it, and the anxiety I always feel about writing - too much like work except that I don't actually enjoy it the way that I enjoy work - is no longer weighing on me.

I've taken down what I think is every link to my blog. I hope no one can find it.

Blogging, this kind of free-form personal blogging, is dead and thank goodness. Its not interesting to me to read anyone else's; why in the world would you want to read mine?

Even typing these three short paragraphs has given me a little shpilkis; I'll be going now...


  1. Well, true, blogging is the new buggy whip. But I still enjoy the "long" form more than the quip. Also---I am one of those odd types who just tries to keep things alive once they have been birthed. Like my diaries: 1 page or more a day since, ahem, February 16, 1973.

  2. Don -

    I still enjoy reading yours, because you have something to say and you know to whom you're saying it.

    I'm more comfortable with the new direction I'm going in - mostly because at least now I know what its supposed to be about.

    It will be, I'm afraid, a crashing bore for many, but it suddenly makes sense to me.