Tuesday, June 8, 2010

En avant!

Once more into the blogging breach, dear friends.

I'll be using these pages from now on to post on this luddite's progress on gaming the old fashioned way. Whether you call it kriegspiel or tabletop miniature wargaming or - as my wife calls it, with a slight double-entendre "Playing with your little men" - its basically toy soldiers, and its been an obsession of mine for as long as I've been able to paint.

Here's an example of my Bannockburn-era Scots army, using mostly Perry Brothers designed Foundry Medievals with a few E-bob character models and some Essex thrown in to fill out the field. I think this is my favorite looking army and I hope to post a few more, better pictures soon.

Here's Sutherland's division, with a few highlanders thrown in:
My Scots

I've also got a few shots here of my late 15th Century Italian Condotta, with figures from Games Workshop's underrated Dogs of War fantasy range, which with little modification are great historical figures, also designed by the Perrys.

cannon 1

cannon 2

Here are some trouser companies of pikemen:

Pikemen 2

Pikeman 1

Some light infantry


And finally, a company of janissaries from my medieval Ottoman army


Next up - I hope to post a few more pictures of armies that I've finished (or nearly finished - are they every really finished?) over the years, and I'll be updating you on some ongoing projects, including Scarab's excellent WWI Italians designed by Robi Baker, Gripping Beast's Woodbine Design Company WWI Ottoman infantry, and Crusader's excellent WWII French infantry.

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